” We feel what we are doing is just a drop in the ocean but the ocean would be less because of that missing drop” – Mother Teresa

1. To develop education, culture, love, economic and social status, community development, occupational unity, science and technology, character building, civic consciousness, social harmony, and support for special reforms among the women.

2. To organize special programmes for the child development with special focus on tribal, Dalit, orphan, disabled and economically and socially poor children through establishing necessary infrastructures.

3. To undertake women development programs through self-Help-Groups with specific focus on Tribal, Dalit women and those living below the poverty line.

4. To establish a micro – finance institution to uplift the economic and social status of women and increase their bargaining capacities.

5. To impart training facilities for skill development of women and empower them with various vocational skills in order to generate self-employment opportunities in their respective areas through Self Help Groups (SHGs).

6. To engage rural unemployed youth and adults in small scale and cottage industries by providing appropriate entrepreneurial skills.

7. To conduct legal aid programmes and provide information related to women and child development schemes of the Government both state and central in- order to achieve the national development goals.

8. To carryon educational and social research programmes by forming innovative and appropriate models so as to get rid of rural poverty in accordance with Millennium development goals (MDGs) of the United Nations.

9. To run educational institutions and conduct research on social issues to find suitable remedial measures and implement them.

10. To conduct special programmes for HIV positive women and to establish special homes for their children to envisage equal opportunities that are available to normal children and to avoid social stigma.

11. To establish de-addiction, family counseling and rehabilitation centers at the Taluk and District head quarters.

12. To promote health care awareness and development schemes by encouraging herbal plantations through SHGs.

13. To encourage women SHGs and farmers to motivate them to involve in organic agricultural programmes and to disseminate knowledge of Bio – Intensive
Gardens (BIGs).

14. To create awareness on environmental issues and make the people aware of global warming and involve all the stakeholders to conserve the bio – diversity through tree plantation end other programmes.

15. To organize seminars/symposia /workshops/ rallies and murals among all the stakeholders about national environmental issues and encourage them to involve effectively in rural development programmes and to protect the nature.

16. To encourage women SHGs formers groups, association to undertake non-conventional energy programmes to fulfil and attain long term energy needs of the country for the sustainable growth.

17. To promote innovative/appropriate rural technologies in collaborations with Agencies, Universities, Institutes and Research development organizations both local/regional national and international.

18. To seek financial assistance and grants from local, regional, national and International donor agencies as mutual partners to realize the overall objectives of the Trust.

19. To seek grants, financial assistance, and, loans from both nationalized banks, micro-credit institutions, non-banking financial institutions, and international banks both bilateral and multilateral banks etc.

20. To undertake training for voluntary workers, and social workers with the help and guidance of Government personnel for the effective implementation of the development programmes.

21. To conduct national integration programmes through rallies, cultural programmes, cultural exchange, seminars, Symposia etc.

22. To organize programmes on life-coping skills to make the participants more responsible and effective citizens of the globe.

23. The Trust is non-religious, non-communal, non-political and non-racial.